All-natural ingredients used by Sunmi Beauty to create the best CBD face serum.

  • “I loved the ease and simplicity of the natural product that made my skin soft and hydrated. Tiny wrinkles and imperfections on my skin diminished or disappeared. I can now retire the myriad of creams, toners and serums I’ve used until now.”
  • “My skin feels moist and vibrant all day long - what an improvement over normal moisturizers!”
  • “In less than 2 weeks, I observed noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and overall improved hydration.”
  • “After using your product my sun spots are fading away. My skin looks like it is glowing!”
  • “Loving the feel and smell of this product. It's relaxing and gentle to use, and I love that it's natural and good for my skin :) The results of having softer and younger looking skin make me want to continue the use of this product :)”
  • “I am 65 and had dry skin, wrinkles and age spots. Within a few days my skin looked and felt smoother and my age spots started to fade.”
  • “I mix the serum with my daily moisturizer, and my skin really loves it! My skin is hydrated and glowing all day long.”
  • “I loved how the oil absorbed into my skin and it felt great under my makeup . The hydration helped my dull dry skin appear more youthful.”
  • “The SunMi serum is amazingly moisturizing! It absorbs into my dry skin and I wake up with noticeably fewer lines and redness. It smells incredible, is full of great ingredients and works so well!”